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Ziegler runner 270 x 85 cm

Ziegler runner 270 x 85 cm

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Ziegler runner

These carpets represent a rather modern production, which began in the 90s between Pakistan and Afghanistan and which has achieved enormous success worldwide. The origin of the designs and workmanship of these specimens has its roots in Persia at the end of the 19th century, inspired by the carpets called Ziegler, from the name of the Persian carpet export company based in Manchester, which in those years had opened its commercial offices in the Persian city of Sultanabad, commissioning designs and formats created specifically for the Western market from all local knotters. The main element that characterizes the specimens knotted today in Pakistan and Afghanistan is made up of the materials used for knotting. In fact, these are wools spun and dyed by hand following traditional methods and using dyes of natural origin. This gives the finished carpet a particular patina and a non-uniformity in color which becomes a further and fundamental decorative element. On the European market these carpets are called in various ways, often linked to the type of decoration represented or the materials used. The great success of these artefacts can be attributed to the beauty of the designs and the refinement of the colors which, being very muted and harmonious, allow them to be inserted wonderfully into the most varied furnishing contexts, from the most classic to the most modern.

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